Operation ‘Cast Lead’: The 2008 Israel invasion into Gaza raised a wave of protest throughout the Arabian world.
Outskirts of the tourist hotspot city Hurghada at the Red Sea in Egypt: An undiscovered pipe leak causes a permanent lake on the street.
Exploration of natural resources in the Middle East: Workers patiently build a temporary track on a salt-lake in Saudi-Arabia.
Rally against the Employment Protection Act, known as CPE: Protesters hand up a torch onto the Paris Statue de la Liberte in Paris.
Anti-nuclear movement in Germany: An actor on stilts presents a spooky performance during a protest rally.
Anti-nuclear movement in Germany: Policemen guard members of the clowns-army out of a restricted area.
NATO´s 60th anniversary in Strasbourg, France: Protester clash with the riot police.
NATO´s 60th anniversary in Strasbourg, France: Protesters looting a post-office.
NATO´s 60th anniversary in Strasbourg, France: Riot-police charges past a wounded protester.
Election of the Berlin House of Representatives in Germany: The political party ‘Die PARTEI’ on a satirical march through the Brandenburger Tor.
The German author and journalist Oliver Maria Schmitt backstage.
The author Christian Y. Schmidt on lecture tour.
Alien Sex Fiend on tour: Since the early eighties the band kept there own unique style and clearly notable self-irony.
VW Beatle: Imported from South America and resurrected on Europe roads.
Wintereinbruch in Duesseldorf
Onset of Winter in Germany.
Two lonely tourists explore the center of Paris.